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The farm

The farm, which is large for Drenthe standards, was built in 1912 and the land around it (the heath) was cultivated. It was a mixed farm until the 1970s.

We purchased the farm in 1995. The front house, with many of the original elements still in tact, had already been renovated at that time. This is now our private home.

We have converted the back part of the farmhouse into hotel accommodation. Upstairs there are rooms with private shower and toilet facilities just down the hall. A room on the ground floor also has its own bathroom facilities (adapted for guests who use a wheelchair) and access to the garden and terrace.

What used to be the barn has been turned into a modern lounge where we serve meals and where we provide coffee and tea later in the evening. While sipping a drink from the house bar you can relax and read a book, play a game or listen to music. The open fire is lit on chilly days and the garden and terrace are perfect spots when the weather is fine

The 'farm' stands in the middle of a large garden with fruit trees and small fruit. Naturally, we also have a (small) vegetable garden. A strip of 'woods' marks the border with the surrounding countryside.

Photos: The farm

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